22 Jan 2015, 09:18

My 2015 goals

I like to publish my goals each year so that I can go back and review at the end. Without too much fanfare, here’s the 2015 set!

1. Improve my C/C++ skills

I learned to code in C when I was about 10 years old. After a year or two I picked up some higher level languages and ran with them.

I don’t do too much coding at work any more. I do want to maintain my skills in software development because I love creating things.

I’ve always been a tad frustrated that my C/C++ skills were not strong enough to pick up and run with some projects that I like (I’m looking at you OpenTTD…)

2. Maintain my weight in the late 70’s

I recently clocked my 2014 goal of being 79.9Kg. I’d like to stay in that area!

3. Around the lake cycle race

In 2014 I failed at this. After casually mentioning it to my friend Andrew, he clamped onto the idea like a rabid dog. I don’t see anyway out of it for 2015, which is great!

4. Expand Raygun in the U.S.

This is already in progress, but in 2015 we will have a team in the U.S. Go big or go home.

5. Speak at international conferences

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at numerous New Zealand events and always love the opportunity to improve my public speaking. Time to take it to the world stage.

6. See my family more

In 2014 I regretted not seeing my parents or siblings as much as I’d like. In 2015, I’m gunning to visit them once a quarter.

7. Write more

I’m a big believer in writing. The act of writing forces you to spend more time articulating your thoughts. I will try to get more posts written on here this year. I failed at this last year, I will succeed this year.

8. Read more

I’ve certainly increased my reading in 2014, but I want to make it a concrete goal in 2015. I’m not a fast reader. My goal? 24 books in 2015.

9. Build some sort of robot (Ideally that doesn’t kill all humans).

I’ve been tinkering with integrated systems and electronics in recent years. Nothing cool enough to show off — just building up my electrical engineering skills. I’d like to have something to show off by the end of 2015. I’m hoping that goal #1 could play a part here too.

What do you think dear reader?