23 Jan 2015, 09:19

Getting more done in 2015

After posting my 2015 goals, Miki Szikszai asked “What are you going to do less of to give you time to do more of the other stuff?”.

Great question. Miki is a smart guy and knows that if you want to add something, you need to take something away. It is often forgotten when dreaming up all the things you’ll do.

So what am I trading for my goals?

1. More focused evenings, less gaming

I used to unwind by playing computer games in the evenings. I’d bash out a couple of hours of Starcraft 2, or similar style game. I now only play for a couple of hours a week, usually in a weekend.

2. Less nights out in the weekend

Thanks to my job, I spend a lot of time at events having drinks with people. Or meeting them in the day for coffee. It means that I’m pretty much socialised out by the time the weekend rolls around these days.

3. Wake earlier to nail the fitness goals

I swear that the day gets more hours when you wake up earlier. Knocking out my fitness regime before 7am is fantastic. Nobody notices that you haven’t combed your hair when you’re running at 6am – they’re all just as asleep as you are.

4. Theme weekends

This is something I’m working on at present. In the past I’d flail around trying to do a little of every goal I had in the weekend. Now I’m trying to allocate a theme to a weekend. Last weekend, for example, was focused on learning more about general purpose GPU programming. Focus always positively impacts results.

Another positive result is that you will nearly always have the feeling of achievement. Scatter gun focus on the weekend typically leads to not making head way on anything.

5. Reducing distractions

I’ve largely ceased checking twitter & Facebook during the day. Unless directly messaged (which would trigger a push notification anyway), I won’t log in to social platforms except in the time windows that I’ve allocated to engaging on them. This is typically while having my morning coffee at about 7:30am, and again at about 9pm at night as I’m winding down for the night. There’s zero reason to use these time sucking services in the peak output periods of my day, they literally destroy productivity.

At this time, these 5 things are providing a significant boost in the number of hours available to achieve what I want.

Of course this all sounds great but let us see how the 2015 year in review turns out…